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  • Low Dose Melatonin as a Sleep and Circadian Supplement

    Enjoy our initial prices! Melatonin can help reduce the time that it takes to fall asleep (sleep onset latency). We think that 0.8 mg of melatonin is the perfect dose of melatonin for most adults. Under normal circumstances, melatonin is present in our body during the night and should be out of our system in the morning. Taking a lower dose reduces the likelihood of having high melatonin levels in the morning when the normal levels of this hormone tend to be zero, or undetectable. The total production of melatonin in adults is usually very low and has been estimated between 10 and 80 micro-grams (1000 micro grams= 1 milligram) so 0.8 mg IS enough.

    When it comes to melatonin, the dose and the timing are very important, and "more" is not necessarily better.

    Melatonin Dose

    Take only 1capsule 2 to 4 hoursprior to usual bedtime.

    Melatonin Use:

    Support sleep quality
    Supplement the circadian system
    Sleep supplement during travel across time zones (jet lag)
    Support the circadian system for those who work irregular hours (shift workers).

Sleep Supplement & Circadian Supplement

Melatonin is produced by the pineal gland and blood levels usually rise after dusk. Exposure to blue light, such as the one from screens, can block the natural secretion of melatonin. As a supplement, melatonin can support our natural sleep cycle and the circadian system.

Quality Testing

Our melatonin capsules are tested after the production process to ensure that each bottle of Keldik Melatonin meets the highest quality standards.

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