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Natural Mulberry Silk Eye Mask for Sleep - Dark Green with Travel Satchel

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  • Wake up feeling reinvigorated, refreshed and rested

    Are you tired of using low-quality eye masks for sleep that are uncomfortable? Are you sensitive to light when you sleep? Would you like to sleep like a baby? Are you a frequent traveler who barely has time to take a rest other than on the plane, train or bus? Do you find it challenging having afternoon naps because of strong sunlight? If that's you, don't worry we've got just the right product for you.

    Having a busy day means you should be able to get a deep rest whenever you want to. Unfortunately, the power of light means we can't always get the sleep we deserve due to surrounding lights. This is why we have the most comfy, soft and silky eye mask just for you. Whether you use it during the day or night time, you are bound to sleep deeply.

    Who is this sleep eye mask for?

    Our dark green Silk Eye Mask is designed for everyone, particularly travelers, office workers, factory employees, hotels, beach visitors or more. Whoever you are, this is set to be just the right product for you. It is very effective in blocking light waves from going into your eyes. This is especially very useful in summer when the sunlight is stronger. The mask comes with a nice travel satchel for storage. The elastic band is wide to improve comfort.

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