Ear Plugs for Sleeping - Soft Foam- Travel

  • Ear Plugs for Sleeping with Travel Case

    Are you sensitive to noises when you sleep? Nothing is more frustrating than trying to catch that restful sleep but you just can't because your bed partner just won't stop snoring. Or how about trying to take a deep rest after a long night shift but there are a bunch of construction workers disturbing with their working equipment.

    Our goal is to create a relaxed state of mind for our customers who are always on the go. These double pack Ear plugs for travel will give you the comfortable experience you need by providing you with the best soundproofing possible. It will allow you to get the rest you need by blocking unwanted noise whilst you catch up with a quick nap. Whether you are on the plane, on the beach or just want to catch a quick rest, these travel ear plugs will be your perfect companion. These ear plugs provide up to 32 dB of noise protection.

    While most of our products are designed with the goal of improving sleep quality, you can also use these ear plugs during the day.

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