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  • Our blue light therapy lamp provides a source of bright light that matches the color of a clear sky in the morning. Blue light improves energy levels and mood. Our lamp emits light with a peak wavelength of approximately 470 nm to ensure maximum stimulation of a special eye pigment called melanopsin, melanopsin plays an important role in sleep and alertness.

    Improve alertness and reduce fatigue with the use of light therapy. Our therapy lamp is an excellent source of light for individuals with limited exposure to natural light such as:

    - People who work in an office/location without windows
    - Those working irregular shifts.
    - Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) during dark winter months.

    Our lamp features a compact design but the screen is wide enough to maintain an adequate dose of light even when moving the head.

    Dimming: segment dimming 50%, 100%

    UV Filter: YES

    Timing settings: 10 minutes/20 minutes/30 minutes

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