Keldik Low Dose Melatonin - Quality Testing

We take the quality of our products very seriously.

Keldik Melatonin Quality Testing
Keldik Low Dose Melatonin Analysis

Initial Quality Testing

Each lot is tested right after production to ensure the highest quality. Here are the initial parameters that are tested.

Analysis Manufacturing Specifications Method Result Pass/Fail
Aerobic Plate Count <10,000 cfu/g AOAC 10 cfu/g Pass
Yeast/Mold <1,000 cfu/g AOAC 10 cfu/g Pass
E. Coli Negative AOAC Negative Pass


Melatonin Strength and Concentration Testing

 Ingredients Manufacturing Spec. Method Results per Serving Infrared Absorption
Melatonin 0.8 CBMP 0.85 Conform


Physical Properties

 Category Bottled Capsules Country of Origin United States
Powder Color White Capsule Color Clear
Target Fill Weight 350 mg Actual Fill Weight 370 mg


Third Party Testing

To add an extra layer of security, our company sends all melatonin lots for third party testing at a quality lab that is not affiliated with our production lab. 

 Keldik Third Party Testing- Low Dose Melatonin