Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Sleep and Circadian System - Quality Testing

We take the quality of our products very seriously. 

Blue Light Blocking Glasses Quality
Blue Light Blocking Glasses Quality


Understanding Blue Light

The image below shows the spectrum distribution of a TV screen placed in a dark room in conditions that would be very similar to our average exposure to a TV or cellphone screen at night. Even though the screen looks white, there is a significant amount of light in the violet and blue portion of the spectrum and this light is very bad for our sleep.

Light Spectrum Distribution without Keldik Glasses

 Keldik Testing

  • We used a standard computer monitor with a white image in a dark room as the light source.

  • Photo Spectrometry was completed at a distance of 20 inches from the monitor.

  • Blue-Light Blocking lens was placed between the sensor and the light source, at a distance of 10 mm from the sensor, which is the average distance between the eye and properly fitting glasses (vertex distance).

  • Spectral Analysis was completed using LightSpectrum Pro version 2.9 from AMPowerSoftware, Lenola, Italy.

The image below shows the same light source when the blue light is blocked using our Blue-Light blocking glasses. 

Light Spectrum Distribution with Keldik Glasses